Sky Hotel offers 12 comfortable rooms in the central part of Dnepropetrovsk.

All apartments are equipped with modern appliances, comfortable furniture, quality linens and housewares. The interior is designed in pastel, beige, designed to ensure guests a relaxing stay. When making a living space, we have relied on minimalism – so nothing extra will not distract you from the preparation of the next working day.

The differences in price caused by the only area of ​​attics, and each room has everything you need to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, including a kitchen area.

700 UAH/day

The Rooms The hotel six comfortable apartments of this type. This small attic, with well-organized living space. The rooms have a modern shower, a cozy sofa and a spacious wardrobe with a large mirror. In addition, the attic has a personal kitchen area. This room is perfect for non-durable trips, seminars or exhibitions. The apartments are perfectly adapted for people…

1100 UAH/day

Sky Hotel offers two double attic. This spacious and cozy rooms equipped with the latest technology and are divided into functional areas. The interior rooms are decorated in a minimalist style, in this room the eye rests in the literal sense of the word. Standard has a kitchen area with sink and countertop, bathroom with shower and relaxation area. A…

1200 UAH/day
Children under 7 years free of charge

Our fund has four lofts for longer stays. This bright and spacious attic, equipped with the latest technology. Each room is divided into functional areas, which makes it comfortable to relax or work. Lack decorative frills creates a feeling of lightness and airiness, nothing will distract you from the rest and prepare for the next day. This apartment is best…